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Thermostatic Wax and Related Products

Temperature Controller

We developed various temperature control valves and electric switches base on the thermostatic wax, which adopt thermostatic wax’s principle that can transfer thermal energy into mechanical energy, and can automatically regulate valve’s opening by controlled medium change in temperature. It concentrates on measurement and performing and various auto-control function which can control temperature, limit temperature, control quantity of flow and passageway conversion, etc. Our products are widely applied to different filed such as heating in city, heating, air-conditioner, hot water system and petrochemical industry, fire control, safety, human life serves, etc.

1. No need for external power source to realize automatic control.
2. No abrasion in operation, having no noise and other environmental pollution.
3. Small valve’s body and occupying space is very limited, so the price ratio is satisfied.
4. Control accuracy in temperature is good and reliable.
5. Convenience to install, easy to maintain.

Thermostat for Autombile

Temperature Regulator Valve

Self-actuator Relife Valve

Wax motor

Liquid Split Valve

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