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Thermostatic Wax and Related Products

The Feature of the Themostatic Wax

The characteristic of Thermostatic Wax consists of its volume expansion amount can reach up to 13 ~ 15 % when it is heated from solid to liquid. We use this characteristic, when it is heated to a solid-liquid transformation, its’ heat energy can translate into mechanical energy. Thermostatic Wax has been widely applied to temperature auto regulation of thermal-driving and diverse thermal-starting devices.

For example, automobile thermostat has been most widely well known, it has cylindrical seal part that loads some Thermostatic Waxes inside. To realize automatic temperature control, it was designed by a special technical specification for the solid-liquid transformation of Thermostatic Wax. When the cylindrical part is heated, Thermostatic Wax in the part is also heated and making a solid-liquid transformation expansion, Thermostatic Wax pushes thermostat’s itself handspike to open the valve. When the cylindrical part gets cold, Thermostatic Wax also cooled and start to shrink, Thermostatic Wax pushes itself handspike back to original situation under the return load force to close up the valve to realize automatic temperature control.

Depending on the main principle of Thermostatic Wax, The developed thermal driving devices and thermostats have been widely applied to automobile thermostat, automobile temperature-control switch for electric fan, various engines cooling water temperature auto controller, lubricant oil temperature auto control, auto cycle enriching valve, industry electric power control valve, water temperature regulating valve, safety device, space heating, fire protection, air filtering, temperature regulating device, sanitary ware and heating temperature controlling valve, air temperature control, ventilating control, solar water heater, automatic door and window, thermal driving electric switch, alarm apparatus, house ventilating, radiator temperature control valve, hot landing device for aviation and automaton etc.

Within temperature control range of –20 ~ 180 ℃ of Thermostatic Wax may compound with different temperature range and different efficient distance according to client’s technical demand. Our company may offer the relative technical service.

What is thermostatic wax

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